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Crystals, Gems & Metals

Crystals have been used throughout history for their healing and magical qualities. Many people believe that each stone emits a certain energy which can have a beneficial effect on our well being. Stones can be carried around with you from day to day to help.  As with all ‘tools’, crystals are not required to cast a spell (nothing is apart from you!) however, they do make great gifts and are also used widely for crystal healing.

Tones & strengthens body/mind/spirit, imparts a sense of strength & courage. General healing, ease pain from bruises, strains and sprains.

Soothes nervous system. Aligns mental & emotional body.
Chakra: crown

Brings joy & happiness. Creative expression.
Chakra: throat

Healing, soothing, harmonizing. Intellect.
Chakras: navel, solar plexus, crown

Enhances psychic abilities. Excellent for meditation. Creative thinking, spiritual awareness, healing and insomnia.
Chakras: third eye, crown

Cleansing and energising.

Calms nerves. Purifies the body. Enhances clarity of mind, aids creative self-expression. Good for meditation. Soothes nerves, rids phobias and fears.
Chakras: throat, solar plexus.

Aids in releasing anxiety & fear. Tranquillity & positive energy. Builds confidence.
Chakra: heart

Facilitates clear meditation. Enhances psychic abilities & creativity.
Chakra: throat

Inner guidance. Purifies the blood and clears toxins, helps with decision making.
Chakras: root, heart

Reduces stress. Emotionally balancing. grounding.
Chakras: all

Enhances getting in touch with inner self. Facilitates concentration. Aids kidneys, lungs and liver.
Chakras: navel, heart

Reduces stress. Relaxing peace of mind. Aids personal creative expression.
Chakra: throat

Power, communication, joy, emotional balance.
Chakras: throat, heart

Fertility, calming, balancing. Brings out inner talents.
Chakra: heart

Enhances bodies healing energy. Raises selfesteem. Hope. Promotes emotional well being.
Chakras: navel, crown

Helps detoxify body. Raises self-esteem.

Master healer. Dispels negativity. Purifies body. Abundance, faithfulness.
Chakra: all

Peace of mind. Abundance, prosperity, well-being, health, progress.
Chakra: heart

Enhances dreams, meditation, deeper spiritual insight.
Chakras: heart, solar plexus

Grounds excess energy. Aids concentration, meditation. Brings order from chaos and helps fight off colds and flu.
Chakras: all

Therapeutic in times of trauma but needs to be with you all the time to get the crystal ‘working with you’ otherwise it can work against you. Love, compassion, imagination.
Chakras: root, heart

Attracts positive energy into aura.
Chakras: navel, heart, crown

Dispels negativity. Courage, Grounding. Protection.  Good for blood flow, stress and nerves.

Enhances inner vision. Increases dream

Emotional balancer. Radiates divine, unconditional love. Wisdom, courage.

Controls emotions and soothes the nerves.
Chakras: all

Aids in healing depression. Enhances self-esteem. Soothing.
Chakra: heart

Enhances communication, expression, astral travel.
Chakra: throat, 3rd eye

Lapis Lazuli
Opening of chakras. Enhances psychic abilities, mental clarities. Friendship and encourages honesty.
Chakras: third eye, throat

Aids sleep. Enhances expression of one’s inner light & joy.
Chakra: heart

Aids sleep. Brings in abundance & prosperity. Rids shyness, helps in times of change.
Chakras: heart, solar plexus

Helps reveal past lives. Expands awareness.
Chakra: root

Aids alignment with Higher Self.
Chakra: heart

Aids pregnancy and birthing process, fertility and female problems. Aligns emotions. Aids inspiration and flexibility.
Chakra: heart

Grounds spiritual energy. Absorbs & dispels negativity.
Chakra: root

Balancing male/female energies. Relieves stress. Self control.
Chakras: all

Emotional balancer. Enhances intuition.
Chakras: heart

Purifies the body. Increases intuitive awareness & stimulates the mind.
Chakras: navel, heart, solar plexus

Influences a positive outlook on life, harmony.
Chakras: root, heart, solar plexus

Quartz & Crystal (Clear Variety)
Dispels negativity. Stimulates energy. Clears the mind, great for meditation. Psychic power. Good All rounder.
Chakras: all

Heals emotional wounds. Acceptance of self & life. General healer.
Chakras: root, heart

Brings love into action & manifestation. Self esteem & confidence. Rids Anxiety, encourages generosity and general well being.
Chakra: root, heart

Rose Quartz
Aids development of love, forgiveness and compassion. Makes people feel loved and wanted. Helps relationships and friendships, helps with sleep.
Chakra: heart

Activates movement on all levels. Courage, power, leadership.
Chakra: root, heart

Stimulates psychic abilities. Creative expression, loyalty, love.
Chakras: 3rd eye, throat

Aids power of concentration & clarity. enhances willpower
Chakra: crown

Relates to the moon, subconscious, female aspect. Excellent energy conductor.

Snowflake Obsidian
Balances the body, mind and spirit. Good for the skin and veins.

Brings clarity & truth. Enhances communication & expression. Clears the mind, brings relief to a worried heart, aids the metabolism and lymphatic system.
Chakras: 3rd eye, throat

Emotional balancer, reduces stress. Protects, great for meditation.
Chakras: 3rd eye, crown

Tigers Eye
Good Luck Stone. Enhances clear perception & insight. Confidence, good for the digestive system.
Chakras: navel, solar plexus

Emotional balance. Soothing, peace and tranquillity.
Chakras: heart, throat, 3rd eye

Grounding, balancing. Protection. Dispels negative energy.

Protection. Concentration, inspiration.

Aligns chakras. Enhances meditation. Creative expression, friendship.
Chakra: throat

Passion, love and aids fever.

Self confidence. Abundance, soothing, calming.
Chakras: heart, solar plexus

Emotional balance, self-esteem. Aids sleep. General
Chakras: all

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  1. Hi I wanted a copy of these stone properties for my self to look upon when needed. I promise it wont go anywhere and be used for anything except for self knowledge.

    I love your site. Its so inciteful.
    Lol…i think i spelled that correctly.

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