1. Thank you for this blog. Such a kind and wonderful woman. Who wouldn’t confess to anything they suggested under those conditions? All of this was based on pursuing those women who didn’t conform, targets all.

    We will not forget about Agnes.

  2. Can I just say a huge thank you, from the deepest parts of my heart.
    Everything which you say resonates so very deeply its unbelievable, and can only be described as pure magik.
    When a person is true to themselves despite external prejudices and people around them they harness the greatest of all types of magik, LOVE.
    As they say,
    ” Be bold, be brave, be fearless and if ever the stress of life gets too much, take a deep breath, smile, and know that magik has your back”
    May your message of love guidance and pure magik reach all the corners of the globe.
    Thank you so very much!

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