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About Sally, The Lancashire Witch.

Hi, my name is Sally and I am a traditional witch based in Lancashire, just around the corner from the famous Pendle Hill which was the site of the Lancashire Witch Trials. I am a bare foot in the grass, foraging, natural living, homesteading, nature loving, folk magic practitioner & traditional witch and was born and raised as a traditional witch over 45 years ago. I have had the honour and pleasure of writing for, being interviewed for or working with some amazing companies, brands and media over the years such as The BBC, The Daily Mail, Fox News, USA Today, Reuters, The Walt Disney Corporation, Spirit & Destiny Magazine, Fate & Fortune Magazine and many, many more. I love collaborating with brands and businesses and love working with the media because I feel that traditional witches are often overshadowed by Wicca, even though we were around thousands of years prior to Wicca, and that is shame that people these days only know about Wicca.

I have been teaching traditional witchcraft since 1995 and have taught over 1500 workshops and courses. With traditional witchcraft, the way to learn is to be taught by another as we didn’t have instruction books like we do now, and let’s face it, the books on traditional witchcraft you can buy these days are actually just Wicca books disguised as trad, because they wouldn’t mention worshipping deities if they were true traditional witchcraft now would they? 😉 

Although raised as a traditional witch, I am also fully trained in Hoodoo (Conjure) and Vodou, however, I choose to practise my own path back to my roots as a traditional witch. I am the founder and former owner of The Village Witch Shop, which is the UK’s largest witchcraft shop of its type and has been since 1995. However, in 2020 I handed the shop down to my eldest daughter Amy, who now owns and runs the TVW shop. It was then time for me to spread my own wings with my own blog, and so The Lancashire Witch blog was born.

I am an urban homesteader, forager and qualified complementary therapist. I am a qualified life coach, nutritionist, flower remedy practitioner and many other natural therapies and am married with 2 beautiful girls and just like I was and all the women before me in my family, they were raised as witches too. They are, by far, my biggest achievement and being a Mum is my favourite job in the world. I am also a Grandma to a bonny wee bairn, who I love with all my heart!

I love to paint, work on mixed media art, digital art and other art and craft pieces. I make wax melts and candles and run a web development company too. I used to be a primary school teacher and SENCO but left that behind when I moved back home, ‘up North’. I also write music (under the name of MOORS, because I live on the Lancashire Moors 😉 ) and have done since the early 90’s, if you want to have a peek at this you can find it here. And last but not least, I am a huge gamer, you can find that side of me here.

I am easy going and a bit of a softie! But I also believe that you need to do whatever you need to do, to keep your loved ones protected. I can be the sweetest softest person in your life, but please never push me to the point where I am just don’t care about you anymore, because then… well… I am a traditional witch after all…

100 Things About Me

Here goes! 100 things you (probably) didn t know about me:

  1. I was born in Kent but have deep Celtic & Lancashire routes as well as half my family being from Liverpool.
  2. I am 6ft 1 tall
  3. And about the same wide
  4. I am incredibly short sighted and partially blind in my right eye
  5. And colour blind
  6. I have M.E. , Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Diabetes, Retinopathy, Neuropathy, I am going deaf and I have a hernia
  7. I first met my husband when I was 14 but we didn’t start going out together until I was 17
  8. I got engaged to be married 3 weeks of going out with my (now) husband
  9. We got married 6 months later
  10. And I have now been married for nearly 30 years to him
  11. I have 2 daughters
  12. They are now both in their 20’s (so no, there was no reason why I got married so quickly! lol)
  13. I am a Grandma
  14. I am a web designer and graphic designer
  15. But I cannot draw, but I can paint!
  16. I am a social media manager, brand manager and SEO consultant
  17. But I am no good at admin/office work
  18. I can’t type to save my life as many of my friends/colleagues/clients will tell you!
  19. I am a giggler and giggle like a hamster (so I have been told)
  20. Although when I laugh hard, I sound like Sid James (again, so I have been told!)
  21. I have a real slapstick kind of a sense of humour, although I do have a rude/naughty side too 😉
  22. I have been scared of clowns since I was about 5
  23. I used to be a clown
  24. I am still scared of clowns
  25. When I was 15 I wanted to be a Nun (don t ask!)
  26. I spent many years wanting to be a Theology teacher
  27. When I was 22 I became a Youth Minister for my (then) local church
  28. I am an ordained Reverend and was a Pastor to an all inclusive church
  29. I am NOT a Wiccan, I am a Traditional Witch (there is a difference!)
  30. I used to own and run the largest Witchy shop of it’s type in the UK, but handed this down to my daughter in 2020.
  31. I have a dog, called Jac and 2 guinea pigs (Gary & Jeff), all of which are bonkers
  32. I love food (hence point 3!)
  33. I love to cook
  34. I was a published food writer for 25 years but gave it up because it was becoming too much and I couldn’t do all the other things I wanted to do
  35. I am a trained cook
  36. I don’t like Turkish Delight (bleurgh)
  37. Will pretty much eat anything else though
  38. I collect herbs
  39. I love reading and learning about folklore
  40. I have no toe nails on my little toes (on both feet, no idea why!)
  41. I would love to, one day, own a farm, or at least have a small holding with some farm animals
  42. Or run a pub
  43. I used to work with Autistic, Aspergers and Down Syndrome children and loved it
  44. I can use sign language
  45. I try to be as eco friendly (green) as I can
  46. We try to eat as much locally produced food as we can
  47. And as organically as we can
  48. I think that nature is hugely important
  49. I have deep feelings about friendship and trust
  50. I usually get let down by friends hence point 49
  51. I am too soft for my own good
  52. I used to be a rally driver, and was the only female on the circuit back then
  53. I used to be a paranormal investigator (many years ago, before it became cool to be one)
  54. I love playing with servers, laptops and tech and am at my most happiest at work when I am tinkering about in technology
  55. I love writing and coding for WordPress
  56. And many other applications
  57. I m a bit of a geek
  58. I m allergic to lobster, crayfish and scallops, although still eat them because life’s too short not to enjoy the things you love 😉
  59. But can eat any other kind of shellfish
  60. Some of my closest friends in the world, I have never actually met
  61. I love travelling and exploring
  62. And going for late night drives in the countryside with my hubby and kids
  63. I like to go to historical places and landmarks
  64. I am allergic to nickel, food colourings, some medication and lots of other things
  65. Not that this has ever stopped me wearing nickel or eating, I just moan about it afterwards!
  66. I live by the Lancashire Moors
  67. Everything is very witchy there
  68. I can write using both my right and left hand
  69. I would much rather go food shopping at 10pm at night than during the day, it’s so much calmer late at night!
  70. My favourite colour isn’t actually pink as everyone thinks it is 😉
  71. I am a qualified advanced practitioner in various complementary therapies
  72. I have adipsia so I don’t drink very much
  73. I do not like coffee
  74. And the only tea I drink is herbal tea
  75. I have hardly any tolerance to alcohol, one glass and I’m on the floor!
  76. I used to work for various banks giving financial advice and am a qualified financial adviser
  77. Even though I live up north and my family are all up here, I have a very southern accent
  78. I support Liverpool FC
  79. I can play 36 musical instruments
  80. I love to sing
  81. I used to be a Chorister and have sung on stage in musicals etc
  82. I write ambient, trance and dance music
  83. I dislike housework with a passion
  84. Apart from cleaning the toilet, I do like a nice sparkly clean toilet!
  85. I am in a wheelchair and was told I would never walk again
  86. Or talk again
  87. Or have children
  88. I proved them wrong on all 3 counts
  89. I am a stubborn and determined old bird 😉
  90. My favourite films of all time are Ghostbusters, A Christmas Carol (Patrick Stewart version), Death Becomes Her, The Holiday, Practical Magic and Shaun of the Dead
  91. I used to really be into Star Trek and even went to a few Star Trek conventions
  92. I still have the Picard uniform (no, I never wear it now before you ask!)
  93. I have never tried a cigarette
  94. I have never tried drugs
  95. I am a Pisces (and a very typical Pisces!)
  96. My third finger (ring finger) on both hands sticks up way above the rest if I lay my hand, palm side down, flat
  97. I have Emetophobia (very bad) which I know probably sounds pathetic, but there you go!
  98. I am very happy with who I am
  99. Even though it has taken me 45 years to feel like that
  100. Even though I seem very outwardly extrovert, I am actually deeply very shy.


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