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Samhain – The real reason for the Hallowe’en season

When you think of Hallowe’en you may think of trick or treaters, ghosts and ghouls, pumpkins, candles and some may even think it is a night for evil magical antics. Where some of the above may have their place in Hallowe’en or Samhain as Witches call it, anything evil could not be further from the truth. Over 2000 years ago, the Celts celebrated the festival of Samhain (pronounced Sow-wain, Sow-win or Sow-ween depending on where in the world you come from!) which was based on the old tradtional farming calendar. This festival was two fold. To celebrate the last harvest

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Talismans, amulets & charms – Differences, similarities & how to use them.

In various TV programmes, movies and even in some witchcraft and magical literature the terms ‘talisman’, ‘amulet’ and ‘charm’ seem to be used interchangeably and this sadly is incorrect as each item as it’s own meaning and use, but there are similarities and they can be used together (just to make things even more confusing!). So, in order to clear some of these ideas up, I hope this post helps to demystify which one is which and what does what! Talismans Talismans provide the owner with energy, power or other special perks or assistance. Talismans are usually inscribed with, or

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A traditional witch’s words to live by

There are many wiccan versions of the ’13 words to live by’ for wiccans, but these systems would not make sense nor sit well with a traditional witch so I thought I would write a traditional witches version for you all! Here goes… It is not sufficient to just say you are a witch or to ‘dabble’ in witchcraft. You must live as a witch. Do not look for excuses for why you cannot follow the path. Embrace your journey, even if it twists and turns. Accept responsibility for your failures as well as your successes. We all make mistakes.

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The tools of the trade of a traditional witch

The one thing I absolutely love about traditional witchcraft is the way we ‘do stuff’. We don’t use lots of tools, chanting, waving of arms or long rituals. In fact the tools we have are just everyday items to do every day magic. So I thought I would list a few of the well known tools of the trade from Wicca and show you how we use them (if at all) in traditional witchcraft, and if we do use them, what we can use as substitutes from every day items. Also before you read on please understand that EVERY WITCH

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The 3 laws of magic and how to use them

Magic is something we all have inside us. Whether we pray, wish, bless or create a focused thought. Magic comes from with us in the form of intent and in my earlier and very brief post called “What is Magic?” I talk about this quickly. However, there are the 3 laws that magic can use and we can we harness them to create a stronger connection. The Law Of Attraction The law of attraction, often called LoA, is the process of what you think will happen, will happen. Ever heard the saying that ‘if you want something badly enough you’ll

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The Magic of Yule

The crisp winter air, the feeling of snow on your cheeks.  The smell of pine trees, cinnamon, oranges, cloves and cookies baking in the oven.  The long dark nights and the clear skies full of stars that shine brightly like diamonds glinting down on us.  I am talking about my favourite time of year and one the festivals that we celebrate as a family, Yule. Yule, also known as Midwinter or the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year and the shortest day. The solstice falls between the 20th and 23rd of December each year but traditionalists often celebrate

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What is Traditional Witch? I am just a witch, not a wiccan (and there is a huge difference!)

Before I start, can I just say that I am not anti ‘Wiccans’. So prior to people getting their knickers in a twist (ouch!) please read the whole post before commenting. Thanks! Please note, this was originally published in 2005 on my old original blog, then updated in February 2011 and part excerpt published in both the Daily Mail and Fate & Fortune Magazine later on. It was updated again to this slightly newer version in November 2020. When I tell people I am a Witch, about 95% of the replies I receive say “So you’re wiccan? No. I am

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How To Use Herbs For Healing

BEFORE USING ANY HERBS FOR HEALING – PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR! You can use herbs in a variety of ways for natural healing. But you must remember that not all herbs are good for you. Some can interfere with medicine you are already taking, some can be mildly toxic and others can kill. Please speak to a registered and qualified herbalist or a doctor before using any herbs. Nonetheless, if you have sought advice, herbs can be a fantastic way to natural wellbeing. Below are some ideas on how you can use herbs as your natures medicine cabinet. Poultice

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Creating & Working With Poppets / Witchcraft Dolls

The word poppet is an older spelling of puppet, from the Middle English ‘popet’, meaning a small child or doll. In British English it was also used as a term of love or endearment to a younger person, it continues to hold this meaning to this day in some English counties. In the realms of magic, especially traditional witchcraft, a poppet, also known as Poppits, Moppets, Mommets and Pippies, is a doll made to represent a person (a target), for casting spells on that person or to aid that person through their own magic. They are often found in old

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Ancestral Magic & Working With Your Ancestors

Working with your ancestors on a magical or guidance level is a very powerful form of magic and is one that almost every religion, path or culture in the world takes part in some way. Your ancestors give you comfort, guidance, strength and an extra sense of power as it is like working with your own circle of people that are tied to you by blood. Some people find it hard to get their heads around the concept of working with their ancestors; after all, they are dead right? Yes, but they are not gone forever.  The very first hurdle

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Homemade Natural Washing Powder / UK Recipe Laundry Powder

Please note: I originally wrote this post back in 2014 – but it has now been updated with 2018 prices! We do a lot of washing in our house. About 20-25 loads a week roughly, sometimes more.  This is something that all households have to do but it does make it hard when one of your kids has very allergic skin.  We have a lot of problems with various washing powders and fabric conditioners as they contain so many harsh chemicals that I might as well just roll my youngest through a patch of nettles! So we decided to make

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Antibacterial & Natural Household Cleaner Recipe UK – Make Your Own Home Cleaning Spray

Hello lovelies! With 3 asthmatics, 2 eczema sufferers and 1 person allergic to almost everything in our house, it is really important that we use as many natural products as possible. But not only this, we just think is just a better way to live, and it’s cheaper too 😉 Keeping our house clean is a must, as it should be, especially as there are 6 adults living in our house (Myself, hubby and 4 grown up kids), a dog, a cat and a snake, as well as a muddy veg patch in the garden and frequent trips to our

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Natural Cold Flu & Sore Throat Winter Remedy & Tonic

Before I start this recipe and before you glance down and think you are about to have a meltdown with all the weird sounding ingredients and all the faffing about…stop.  This remedy is excellent. Yes, it requires a lot of unusual stuff and yes, it is a faff to make but it is better than a lot of over the counter ‘tonics’ you’ll get and it’s natural! Ingredients 370g fresh rosehips 8g dried echinacea leaf 10g dried calendula petals 10g dried comfrey 20g dried coltsfoot 20 whole cloves 3 teaspoons of ground cinnamon 400g granulated sugar 5 teaspoons of freshly chopped ginger

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Magic has no colour

There are a couple of terms in witchcraft that you will hear probably more than the all others put together.  The first one is “white witch” and the second is “black magic”. The idea for both is purely symbolic, anything seen as white is good or positive while anything black is seen as bad or negative. Think of the colour of Stetson hats in old Spaghetti Western movies. The white hats were always the good guys; the black hats were always the baddies. When people ask if I am a white witch, I say “no, just a witch” and most

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Dry Shampoo Recipe – Natural, Easy & Cheap! UK Recipe

My kids are obsessed with dry shampoo and it is very handy stuff.  Normal shop bought shampoo is full of nasties. They are overloaded with chemicals and really do no good to your hair and if used too often can strip out all the natural goodness and leave your hair dull and not to mention, very tangled. And what if you are out and about and need your hair to look good but can’t get to a shower? Then dry shampoo is the answer and our recipe is not only super easy to make, it is also cheap and natural.

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Top 10 tips for creating a kids vegetable patch!

No, I’m obviously not suggesting that you hand over your garden to a 4 year old. However why not give your child (or children) a vegetable garden of their very own. Children’s veggie gardens can be made from a small raised bed in your own garden, a large tub or if you don’t have a garden, they could have a window box. Getting your children into gardening will teach them many values. They will realise where their food comes from, how plants grow, what plants need to survive, they will have fun and of course they will eat their own

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Top 10 tips to starting to grow your own vegetables on a budget

Gardening and growing your own vegetables does not have to be an expensive hobby, there are ways and means to be able to grow your own, even on a very tight budget, all you need is a little time and effort. Gardening can be a family activity, it can be something you start and then develop over the year, something you are all involved in. So here are our 10 tips to help you on your way to growing your own on budget. Organic is the best way to go and believe it or not, it is cheaper to go

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Show Me My Path Spell

Have you ever had a day where you just wonder if you are doing the right thing or are on the right path? I’m sure you have, because you are human and we all have this uncanny knack of having self doubt. But we know that really we are just worrying about things and making sure we are doing the right thing or not.  So I have written a little spell just to help show you your path and help you to get into focus. All you need are some rose petals and your hands, that’s it, remember simple magic

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What is Magic?

Magic is within us all. It isn’t something that only ‘special’ people have.  We all have the ability to live a magical life.  It’s a choice whether we do or do not.  Magic is strength, your passion, your anger, your soul.  It comes from the very core of your inner most self and can be changed depending on how you are feeling and what you want it to do. Magic isn’t something that creates glittery fairy dust and whooshes of rainbow coloured clouds.  It is a primitive desire to want something to happen or not happen. Witches use magic in the

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Find your light spell

I wanted to spread a little light to you all today as the day seems to have brought it’s own golden light with the sunshine.  But if you are feeling a little low and may be feeling like you cannot do what you need to do, or feel like too many people are throwing their expectations at you, just take a little light from wherever you can take it. You can take a little from me, I offer it to you gladly 🙂 You can also try my little quick and easy ‘Light Be Me’ spell! Light a candle, yellow

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Holey Stones / Odin Stones / Hag Stones

Holey stones (also known as Odin Stones or Hag Stones) are literally stones with natural holes in i.e. made by nature by crashing together along a sea bed with water rushing past and then through them creating the holes. Holey stones have been used for thousands of years for 3 main purposes, depending on your beliefs and also where you live.  The 3 main uses are: Healing – It is said that someone wearing a holey stone around their neck will be cured of any disease.  You can also rub a healing stone over an affected wound (over the top

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The power of candlelight

I have always loved candles.  The light, the mood, the warmth and the atmosphere they bring with them.  When a candle is lit it can give you so many feelings and enhance so many moods.  Love, romance, mystery, power, magic, celebration, joy, respect, mourning and more.  We have a lot of candles in our house and I love to light them as often as I can and sit just by candlelight and reflect on the day, or cuddle up on the sofa with hubby and the girls and watch a movie by candlelight. The soft light of the flame draws

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Is being a Witch…’difficult’?

I was asked the other day if being a witch was ‘difficult’.  I replied, with “do you find it hard being a Christian?”,  strangely enough they left me alone after that 😉 but it made me think about how I see my life and how witchcraft ties in with it. I don’t actively try to ‘be’ a witch because it is just part of me, so for that part at least it is not hard at all.  However, the prejudice can be.  In this day and age, you would think that people would have got over the whole ‘you must

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The term ‘Fluffy’

If you are a Witch, the term ‘fluffy’ is banded about on a daily basis.  The actual dictionary definition of ‘Fluffy’ is: fluff·y (flŭfˈē) adjective fluffier fluff·i·er, fluffiest fluff·i·est a. Of, relating to, or resembling fluff. b. Covered with fluff. Light and airy; soft: fluffy curls; a fluffy soufflé. a. Light or frivolous: a fluffy musical comedy. b. Lacking depth or precision; fuzzy: hazy, fluffy thinking that only confused the matter. Basically, a Fluffy is someone who ‘plays the part’ but has no real craft.  An airy fairy wannabe. Now, there are a lot of Trad Witches out there, who

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Herbs & Magical Properties

These should never be eaten or drunk without talking to a qualified herbalist first.  Please check with a herbalist or a doctor before you make any brews or ingest these herbs. Always check before you use any herb because some herbs can stop conventional medicines working.  Herbs can heal and help with spell work, but herbs can also kill. BE CAREFUL AND ALWAYS CHECK FIRST! Herbs marked with a * sign next to it should not be drunk or eaten without being given by a herbalist as they can be extremely dangerous. Absinthium – * Healing, good health, fights off

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Ancient Names For Herbs

In ancient times spells written by witches contained items such as “eye of newt” and “white mans foot”, these were simply names given to herbs and plants and not real eyes and feet! Here is a list of magical and ancient folklore names for herbs. The magical and ancient folklore name is in bold; the common name is in normal everyday modern name. For spell ingredients please check variations of the name, for example: Goose Blood = Blood Of A Goose, Dog = hound, Donkey = Ass = Mule, Pig = Swine etc. Adders Tongue  or Tongue of Adder/Snake Dogstooth

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Colours & Magical Properties

Using correspondences such as colours, or tools such as cauldrons etc are not needed in witchcraft at all, I rarely use anything!  All you really need is YOU.  However, sometime it is also nice to ‘set  the scene’ or use colours and tools when making art and craft items for friends. You can use colour in many ways in the Craft, such as ribbons, colours of text, candles, altar cloths, clothes, jewellery and more. Silver Femininity The Moon The Night The Goddess Gold Masculinity The Sun The Day The God White Purity Cleansing Childhood Innocence Truth Protection A substitute for

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What are Spells and Spellcraft?

Spells and spell craft are just one type of magic and this kind is very personal as it harnesses and releases your inner personal power and energy. It is just the same as a prayer.  You want something to happen and therefore you are thinking with intent. You will see on in books literally thousands and thousands of spells for one thing or another but the best spells are always the ones you write yourself (or at least adapt in some way!). A traditional witch practises magic everyday, casting spells is just ‘something we do’.  Just like Christians would ‘pray’

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Crystals, Gems & Metals

Crystals have been used throughout history for their healing and magical qualities. Many people believe that each stone emits a certain energy which can have a beneficial effect on our well being. Stones can be carried around with you from day to day to help.  As with all ‘tools’, crystals are not required to cast a spell (nothing is apart from you!) however, they do make great gifts and are also used widely for crystal healing. Agate Tones & strengthens body/mind/spirit, imparts a sense of strength & courage. General healing, ease pain from bruises, strains and sprains. Alexandrite Soothes nervous

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UK Traditional witchcraft, intuitive witchcraft, British folk magic, homesteading, foraging & natural healing.

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