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  1. I’ve just read this and it means so much to me. I’ve become a little lost from the path for a while, what with personal problems and a recent bereavement. I’m realising that it’s high time I opened my eyes again and stepped back in faith on that path. Thank you

  2. I was a Muslim, but no longer identify myself as one or to any of the abrahamic faiths. They instill so much fear and indoctrinate you to believe magik is bad. However I don’t believe that to be case at all. I know nothing about magik, but this article, the call of the wild, resonated with me on such a deep level. I always feel this pull, deep within, to be in the forests, around trees, around greenery. And whenever iam around it I feel thise
    this energy.
    I just hope that one day I have the courage to answer this call. Undoing the stigma and fear of questioning your religion is no easy task. One day I’ll come in to see what this is all about, but all I know for now is that this article just hit a chord in my heart, and this whole website seems to just resonate so very deeply.
    Thank you!

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