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The call of the wild, the call of our ancestors.

Have you ever been in the middle of an urban area and just longed to see some greenery? Or maybe you have a hectic and manic life and you wish for a simpler, more natural life. Sometimes you feel like you have walked the Earth before or that you are seeing signs pulling you to a different or more magical, natural world. This is the call of the wild.

For some, the call of the wild is subtle and creates gentle openings of the heart. For others, the call of wild resounds more loudly and may emerge from a challenge or crisis situation, which opens the awareness to new possibilities that would otherwise not be considered. As the call becomes clearer, news paths unfold ready to take you on a journey, but do you dare take that first step? And is it really a new journey? No. You are being called back. Back to nature by your ancestors.

The call of the wild and, of course that of our ancestors, speaks uniquely to each soul. It may be creative inspiration that emerges, or an opening of the heart that creates a desire to share and give more to others. It may come through a healing relationship which transforms life totally and unexpectedly. Inner wisdom and intuition can flower in the most unusual of circumstances, as spiritual connections are always speaking to us through both our inner and our outer lives, calling us, showing us signs, offering the chance of rebirth back on our original path, should we want it.

The call may act as a wake up call, to illuminate aspects of ourselves that are out of balance. Like a shining beacon of light, it can reveal and transform the hidden corners of ourselves that have carried large burdens for a long time. The call can also act as a catalyst to undo past mistakes and past choices, to create a renewed sense of healing and harmony. But whatever it signifies to you, it is a hard call to merely dismiss.

You may have noticed changes in your consciousness, your awareness, and the ways that you look at life. There is a process of spiritual awakening, not just hearing the call from our ancestors but actually really listening to it, which is still rather hard to hear with our ears, but which many are beginning to feel in their hearts. Our priorities are shifting, and life is asking us to love more, be kind, to let go of old grudges and pain, and to move forward in life with consideration and awareness of the Earth and the others in our lives. There have always been wars, conflict, hate and disfunction, but life is so hard these days with people wanting more and more power. Sometimes it is nice to just step back and walk a simpler, more humble path. A path where magic and nature co-exist because magic is natural. Magic is energy. Simple magic. Not Instagram worthy photo magic, where everything is perfect and every spell has a multitude of pretty and beautiful shiny trinkets, but magic that comes from within you, from within your very soul. Your magic. Can you hear the call of the wild calling you back to use your inner magic? Listen. Can you hear?

No longer are we focused solely on ourselves and our own gratification. It is clear that in order to move into the future on this planet, we need to develop and nurture a respect for energy, for the Earth, and for the other souls that share this planet with us. For each of us, this involves changes in the way we live our lives, and in the way we relate to others. But it also means listening to our own bodies, minds and hearts. Making sure that we are strong and confident in our own minds and bodies. That our energy shines and and bursts out of us calling like minded souls into our lives. Creating our own magic and allowing it to flow. Our inner magic is powerful and it is that self power that the call of the wild calls.

Once upon a time, traditional witches were found in every Kingdom. We were the healers, the herbalists, the doctors, the pharmacists, the midwives and the counsellors. We were needed, wanted, loved. Then, everything changed and witches were seen as evil. We were burnt at the stake, drowned, tortured.

Wicca arrived in the 1950’s and became a religion with many rituals, trinkets and other extraneous items and ways of doing things. It become more of a ‘cool trendy’ form of witchcraft and took the natural magical simplicity away a little. But what of us traditional witches? The ones who were there, all those many years ago, before Wicca was invented. The village witches, the wise women and men who were the healers, the herbalists, the doctors, the pharmacists, the midwives and the counsellors? We were not Wiccan back then. We were natural. Earthy. Full of our own inner magic and not reliant on the trappings and trimmings of modern day Wicca. That is the world I am still in. I feel like I am still back in those times because I am a traditional witch and even though I was born into a traditional witchcraft family, I still hear that call. Daily.

We are all born with intuition, that gut feeling that something is about to happen but as we grow older, we lose it and with that we lose so much of our spiritual side. Because being magical is still not seen as ‘normal’. So we grow up losing our spirit and sometimes even the very essence of our inner magic. We lose the strength or our soul and the connection back to our roots. And that to me is so sad, so very sad.

The call of the wild, the call of our ancestors is always with me, making sure I stay on that path, the path of those who have walked it before. I am one of the wild ones and I never want that to change, because every time I veer off that path, something happens to call me back. This is where I am meant to be and the call of the wild reminds me so, every single day.

Hearing the call is one thing, listening and receiving is the hard part. But if you hear or feel the call back to the wild, back to your ancestors and back to magic. Don’t ignore it. You are being called for a reason. Take that first step back on that path, you will be guided by the call and it won’t let you down.

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UK Traditional witchcraft, intuitive witchcraft, British folk magic, homesteading, foraging & natural healing.

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