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What is Magic?

Magic is within us all. It isn’t something that only ‘special’ people have.  We all have the ability to live a magical life.  It’s a choice whether we do or do not.  Magic is strength, your passion, your anger, your soul.  It comes from the very core of your inner most self and can be changed depending on how you are feeling and what you want it to do. Magic isn’t something that creates glittery fairy dust and whooshes of rainbow coloured clouds.  It is a primitive desire to want something to happen or not happen.

Witches use magic in the form of spells (or some call them ‘blessings’).  A spell is nothing more than asking for something to happen.  A simple wish or prayer if you were.  In fact a spell can be broken down into three common elements that you may have already used yourself.

1)  Praying
2)  Belief
3)  Wishing

When you want something so much, you may pray that it happens. Praying is just concentrated thought and/or (and… or… because it could be either OR both) asking a higher force to help.

Belief in something is important.  Religious people have faith in their Gods or other deities.  But the most important thing you should have faith in, is yourself.  Self belief is hard to achieve but it is also something we should all have.

And the last one of the trio, wishing.  When you were smaller did you ever wish so hard for something that you wanted that you thought you would burst?  You wished and wished and wished and what happened when it came true?  The feeling is so…well, magical.

A spell combines all these three elements and nothing else.  We cast a spell because we want something to happen.  We want it to happen and it is our own spirit, our own magic that fuels this.  Just like when you would wish for something when you were a child.  We have faith in our own magic, we have belief that the magic will work, not because we have used lots of tools, ribbons, candles, incense or anything else, but because we believe in ourselves.  And lastly, because we have wished for this and we believe it will happen, we then start to feel positive about the outcome, like attracts like.

I said in the above paragraph that a spell combines the three elements as outlined and nothing else.  I cannot stress this enough.  The magic comes from you.  Nothing else.. Just you.  There is no need for candles, ribbons, incense, paper, inks, crystals, wands or anything else. Just YOU.  Magic comes from within and there is nothing more powerful on this planet than you.

Magic can be as simple as one word.  Words have power, especially when aided by your own inner spirit.  A spell can be just a thought such as ‘love’, ‘protect’ or even ‘now!’.

Magic is more than just spells though, it is part of our very being.  It is the strength that keeps us going when we feel low and the fire in our belly when we need to get tough, it’s the love in our hearts that makes us human and the tears from our eyes that cleanse our faces when we are sad.  Magic happens when we need it, it’s part of our soul.

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  1. so lovely to finally hear someone saying these things, my girlfriend is very wiccan, i am simply witch and when we try to do work together it tends to go wrong because she has a “wiccan way of doing” and I just want to do what i am inspired to. I thought i was the only one who knew that its ok to do things this way xx

  2. I could’t have said it better, and yet, here i am doubting myself. I just want to get back into that feeling again, the feeling you described. Thank you so much for your words, I think they might just be what I needed to be my ‘witchy’ self again. 🙂

  3. I am very new to all of this world, but just these words have helped me through some very tough times over the last couple of months. Thankyou

  4. Oh my gosh this is definitely me!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I recently was asked if I was a witch & I said ‘no, I’m just magical, always have been’ but the person was insistent that being a witch just meant what I called ‘being magical’ … So now I get it… it means the same thing!! & it doesn’t mean I belong to a religion or philosophy outside my own spiritual beliefs!! Thank you for writing this & sharing it!xx

  5. I’m so happy and relieved that you have posted information like this. I’ve longed felt that I was a witch, not because of any religion belief way of doing things or anything. I was interested in Wicca in my early 20s but it just wasn’t for me. However I’ve always felt the calling within. I’ve identified myself as a pantheist for a very long time now because I really didn’t know what to call my beliefs all the way I feel inside. Pantheism was about as close as I could get. I so much want to live my life with intent and with magic, right up until recently I’ve been very afraid to just do what feels right. I thought maybe for some reason I had to follow Wicca, or a set of rules, rights, regulations or a list of things I had to do daily. Even though my partner believes it’s all folly, I feel that it is within me and I would like it in my life. So now I believe I can call myself a witch, your post has solidified that for me. Thank you.

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UK Traditional witchcraft, intuitive witchcraft, British folk magic, homesteading, foraging & natural healing.

Welcome to The Lancashire Witch

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