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Find your light spell

I wanted to spread a little light to you all today as the day seems to have brought it’s own golden light with the sunshine.  But if you are feeling a little low and may be feeling like you cannot do what you need to do, or feel like too many people are throwing their expectations at you, just take a little light from wherever you can take it. You can take a little from me, I offer it to you gladly 🙂 You can also try my little quick and easy ‘Light Be Me’ spell!

Light a candle, yellow would be good, orange too, white if that’s all you have is also good, even just a tealight, and allow your eyes to go all ‘gozzy’ (soft focus) and let the warmth and the light overwhelm you and to envelope you. Don’t worry if you feel a bit silly doing it, just trust me and try 🙂

Once you feel the warmth of the glow from the candle not just on your face but inside you too, think about one thing that makes you feel happy.  Just one, the biggest thing that makes you happy.  Even on your darkest days you can find one thing that makes you feel happy.  Think of that now.

In your mind, say…

“Help me to see the light,
Help me to see the bright,
Help me to feel the good,
Help me to be as I should,
Help me to smile from the inside out,
Help me to clear away the doubt,
Help me to be all that I can,
Help me to be even more than…
What everyone else wants me to be,
Because no one can be me better than…ME!”

Once you have said this, make sure you feel confident and smile a really big smile! Give yourself a little nod as you know that all is well and then allow the candle to burn down. You can do this spell every day for as long as you need it!

Sending you a lot of light to see the way, your way, this evening 🙂

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UK Traditional witchcraft, intuitive witchcraft, British folk magic, homesteading, foraging & natural healing.

Welcome to The Lancashire Witch

I am a bare foot in the grass, foraging, natural living, homesteading, nature loving, folk magic practitioner & traditional witch and this is my little world on the web full of nature’s beauty and the gifts that it gives us. Born and raised as a traditional witch over 45 years ago, an urban homesteader, forager and qualified complementary therapist. I invite you to wander the long and winding path with me as I take you into my world.

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