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Spells not working? Here’s why your magic might not work…

There are different kinds of spells for different kinds of situations. It could be about money, healing, protection or something else. Spells, as you know from previous blog posts of mine, are wishes or requests you make to the universe. We have all heard the saying ‘if you want something enough, you’ll make it happen’ and that can be said of most spells too. Most…

But why do spells sometimes fail? Why may your spell just not be working how hard you try? Let’s go through some of the most common reasons why spells fail.

You Need A Calm Clear Mind
Spellwork and spellcasting is all about directing your energy towards one goal, one situation, one request, one wish. Never do a spell with a clouded, jaded or over emotional (anger, sadness etc…) mind. These emotions or a clouded, jaded mind can change the energy of the spell, they can make the spell twist and turn, dilute it or even stop it from working completely. Concentration and focus is crucial when sending and making your intent known to the Universe.

Not More Than One Request Per Spell & Don’t Be Greedy
As I wrote above, spells are for one goal, one situation, one wish, one request. If you start adding more and more wants and wishes to a spell, the spell itself is going to get confused and each part of the spell won’t have the full amount of energy focused towards it as the energy will be split between all the wishes and petitions. Also, spells should be a last resort in many (not all, but many) situations. Don’t use spellwork for every single thing and don’t start asking too much, the Universe will certainly let you know if you are being greedy.

Learn Your Craft
Whilst spells are mainly energy and you don’t need anything else other than yourself to cast a spell, when you start adding in bits and bobs, such as ingredients, trinkets and trimmings, things can get over complex. Learn which ingredient is best for which kind of spell and learn why we do things the way we do. Everyone has to start somewhere and I am a firm believer that everyone can cast spells, however, you do need to know the very basics at least. Maybe keep a journal or Grimoire and record your spells, what you did and what you used. If your spells keep not working and there is a common denominator, maybe you are just not meant to use certain things for your spells. We all have affinities with some things and have other things that do not work for us.

You have to believe in what you are doing and your own inner magic for a spell to work. This is probably where most witches (new and experienced) go wrong and spells can fail just because of this. Believe it will work, let your inner magic shine!

Sometimes spells take time, and in some cases, a lot of time. Witches all around the world usually say give it from a few days to a year to work. Anything after a year would be deemed a failure. So, give it time. If the spell is truly what you want to happen then be patient and allow magic to do it’s thing. A true witch, will never guarantee spell work and never give a timescale, this is because magic just doesn’t work like that!

As I said above a clouded, jaded or emotional state is more than likely going to affect your spell but sometimes the negativity is not coming from you. Make sure that when you do the spell you are in positive surroundings and that the space you are in is calm. Don’t do a spell in a house where everyone is arguing for example. Also, you may have been cast against by someone else, this will also not help and if someone is casting negativity towards you, you will need to reverse that first before casting any other magic.

It’s Just The Way It Is
Yup, you guessed it… sometimes spells don’t work because that’s life. Magic gives you what you need and not necessarily what you want. For example if what you wanted would end with you in danger the Universe will try and stop that spell working for your own sake. If a spell doesn’t work, try again, if it fails again and all of the points above are covered, then it may not be right for you.

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UK Traditional witchcraft, intuitive witchcraft, British folk magic, homesteading, foraging & natural healing.

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