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Holey Stones / Odin Stones / Hag Stones

Holey stones (also known as Odin Stones or Hag Stones) are literally stones with natural holes in i.e. made by nature by crashing together along a sea bed with water rushing past and then through them creating the holes.

Holey stones have been used for thousands of years for 3 main purposes, depending on your beliefs and also where you live.  The 3 main uses are:

Healing – It is said that someone wearing a holey stone around their neck will be cured of any disease.  You can also rub a healing stone over an affected wound (over the top of a bandage or plaster though please we don’t want infections!) or painful joint to ease the pain and aid healing.

Protection – Funnily enough, holey stones have been used for many years in the South West of England to protect people against Witchcraft and Witches, and yes it is even still used to this day on fishing boats for this very reason.  However it used to protect anyone against negative forces.  A common place  to hang them is over windows and doors.  They are also said to protect you against nightmares so hanging one above your bed or on your bedstead would also be good.

To see Fairies – Legend says that if you hold a holey stone up to your eye and look through it you can see creatures that you cannot normally see, such as Fae folk.

Earlier this year we had a fantastic day at Reculver beach looking for holey stones.  It was in the middle of winter, it was freezing cold and blowing a gale.  We wrapped up warm and started to look on the beach.  One by one we found one.  It is said that the stones find you, rather than you finding them.  This was certainly true as at first we couldn’t find any and then all of a sudden it was as if they were just popping out of the ground at us.  We found loads, we didn’t take them all, just a few, one for each for us.  It was such a happy day, the weather was awful and we were laughing and giggling as we were so cold.  People were walking their dogs up the top of the beach and laughing at us because we giggling and swaying around in the wind.  It was just one of those days you remember because we were so happy.  When we got home we threaded our stones on black cotton cord and now we have them safe for when and if we need them.

Next time you are near stones or pebbles, have a look for a holey stone.  If you are lucky you will find a holey stone, or rather, if you are lucky, a holey will find you.

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  1. A bit of a collecter here too 🙂 And I have to agree with the ‘they find you’ statment! When I look for them I seldom find them, when not purposefully looking one or two always show themselves!

    1. Found, or rather was found by several Hag stones on a walk with friends on Tuesday. We walked from Bowleaze Cove along Preston beach in Dorset, just a 20 minute drive from home.

        1. I found three in Lowestoft yesterday inabout five minutes and today I found loads of heart stones and some sea glass so that was special. At the end of last year in Yarmouth I found two bits of sea glass shaped like angle wings. My favorit hag stone I found at Winterton years ago it was tiny. I srung it on a necklace for my ex. I really wish I hadn’t!

  2. I’ve found the same holey stone in my garden three times, and even used it on the wind chimes when I lost the main ‘clapper’ part. It keeps finding its way back to me and interestingly I’ve been reading about witchcraft since the beginning of this month with more than a slight interest, and only just found out what it could mean. So… is it protection FROM witchcraft (since, as I said I have just taken an interest in it), or is it telling me to move along the path a bit further. I’ve decided to do the Homer (Simpson) thing and do nothing, see what happens.

    1. There are some that say finding a hag stone is a blessing from Diana the huntress. Perhaps you might learn about her and find something that resonates with you

      1. Heh Mag
        I have lived in the south west for nearly 25 years and only found a stone with a hole in it today. It came at the perfect time, just when I needed some protection. Perhaps one might come to you unexpectedly when you really need it <3 (not saying you dont, it is just a hope for you)

  3. Oh gosh, I would feel so lucky to find a Hag stone, I have been looking for quite a while but I guess it is not my time to find one yet. I will keep searching and hopefully one day my Hag stone will find me.

  4. Me and my grandchildren have collected at least 70 Hag stones. We have tumbled them and we polish them and thread coloured ribbons through the holes and give them as lucky presents to our friends and family. We are VERY lucky.

  5. i got hag stones with holeys i picked coz i thought they are beautiful
    they are as big as child’s fist
    i dont know how to use it. i just put ob a tray
    thanks to know about their value

  6. Iput my crystals out on my garden for the September Full Moon, left them out for 2 weeks, and one of the stones had become a holey stone while it was on my lawn! As you say, they find you!

  7. My mooki ball and holy stone called me to them , the first was when I was age 17 and second age 22 , I did not become aware of the attached lore to them to near my 40’s yet I kept them and they were Teachers for me

  8. Have had them on my outside altar for years. Love them. It gives my space peace and you just feel good walking in the area.

  9. Myself and children have found many over the years. Best places to look inland are the shale and rock beds you see exposed occasionally in Rivers , the drier months if the year are more productive. I have many now in my windows and a special one shaped like an axe i found that’s became a pendant. I live in the Pendle district in England were they have traditions going back centuries. As other have said you find them when you are not looking , found 4 in a few hours like that. Happy hunting.

  10. Hello, I have to agree with the sentiment that these stones find you. There was a portion of the creek in Pennsylvania where I found many holed stones, and I would regularly send other people down to look for them. After hours they would return empty handed. Then I would have to go down and find them holey stone. They are fantastic, aren’t they?

  11. Just yesterday I found one at a local river. The stone itself near a perfect rectangle with a hole directly in the center, and only about the size of a quarter. I have no idea how I ever saw it, but I did and I brought it home and now is on my altar. I have always heard them called Fairy Shot Stones, or Hag stones. Odin Stone is a new term for them to me which is a giggle as I am Heathen, Lokean to be specific.

  12. Come to the great lakes. I have found many of them in Michigan on the west side of the lower peninsula.

  13. Found my first hag stone today. Am so happy I did. Also found 4 heart stones at different times and three 4 leaf clovers.

  14. I started finding hag stones last year and since then then jump out at you from a whole beach of pebbles! I’ve got them in a crocheted bowl with my air plants. South east England

  15. Found one, one day on the beach, then the next day i found lots more, didnt keep them all, as wanted to leave for others, as i found such alot of them

  16. I have just completed my third STRING OF hag stones i have them in different areas of our home . i agree that they find you as if i am consciously looking it is very rare that i find one . i do think that they give you a feeling of peace .

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