Holy Handmade Loose Incense 125ml Jar – Resin & Herb Incense Mix



The Lancashire Witch own brand and handmade products are:

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Burn when casting a spell to help with consecration, sanctification, blessings and exorcisms

Price is for 1 x 125ml jar. Instructions on how to use are below.

Photo is just for demonstration purposes and may not be your exact product.

WARNING: All of our products, herbs, flowers, spices, all ingredients, all own branded items, supplies and all items we sell, are sold on the understanding that you are using them for the intended magical/spell casting/ritual use only. None of our products are sold for medicinal use. None of our products, except those that are clearly stated (if in doubt, ask…) are sold to be used as skin care (to be used on the skin) or consumed. None of our products are sold to be smoked, ingested or used internally, in any way. Do not use on furnishings, fabrics, clothing, fixtures or fittings. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Items may stain. Many of the ingredients or herbs, roots, spices etc have well known ‘kitchen cupboard’ culinary names but you must not and can not assume they are of a culinary, edible or skincare grade. Keep away from children, pets and naked flames as many of our items contain toxic ingredients, cause an allergic reaction or include flammable ingredients. Magic, spells, ingredients, supplies, divination, dowsing and other services are not a substitute for medical help or advice, psychological help or advice, legal help or advice, abuse help or advice, or any emergency situation or emergency service. When using our products the customer agrees to using at their own risk. The Lancashire Witch and staff can not and will not take any responsibility for our products misuse or for any magical work undertaken on your behalf or advice given. What you do with our products or what you have asked for in a magical sense with spells, is up to you and is your responsibility. By purchasing any item from us, you agree that you have read, understood and agree to these terms. You have been warned.

Our products may not be the cheapest, and we make no apology for this as they are of exceptional quality and handmade and blessed by us with love, care and using the finest ingredients. We use real herbs, roots, powders, barks, petals, bones, shells & essential oils or herbal and flower blended oils, amongst many other traditional ingredients, in fact, many of the herbs have been foraged and dried by us from the Lancashire Moors, the Trough of Bowland, the Forest of Bowland and the Pendle Hill area. This area is special to witches as it is the site of the Lancashire Witch Trials in 1612. Some of our products will have a slight colour, but we never use chemical or fake dyes in our products. Some of our products will have a colour or tint, we use natural based oil dyes, these are usually made of such things such as beetroot, spinach, charcoal, coffee, saffron, turmeric etc, and this makes us stand apart from many competitors. Our own branded items are authentic, handmade and blessed by us and each one is made to order. They are not made in a factory using cheap fragrance oils and fully synthetic dyes like many shops sell. Our own branded items are made to our genuine family recipes that have been handed down.

How To Use Our Handmade Loose Incense

Loose incense is used to cleanse or purify an area as well as add an extra magical layer to a spell when you use the corresponding incense to the spell theme. Using tongs, light a charcoal disc and place in a deep, heatproof ceramic dish or bowl. Allow the disc to burn across and once the charcoal disc starts to turn a grey rather than black, add a small amount (a pinch) of your loose incense to the middle of the charcoal disc and allow the incense to smoulder and smoke. You must allow the charcoal disc to turn grey before adding on the incense, as burning incense at too high heat can cause incense to explode. If you get any large chunks of resin in your incense tubs, please make sure you crunch down down a bit before using. Our incense is very pure and you only need a small amount which is why ours lasts so long. As you are preparing and burning the incense focus on the goal you want to achieve and surround yourself in the energy and cleansing smoke from the incense. If you can not burn incense for whatever reason, simply use a standard tealight oil burning and instead of add oil and water to the top, add the water as normal (but less of it) and add some of the incense to the water. Never leave lit incense or charcoal unattended. Keep away from children and pets. Burn in a heatproof holder and away from flammable items. Do not take internally or use on the skin. IMPORTANT: Please be aware that our products may contain toxic herbs or herbs that may cause an allergy so they must not be consumed, smoked, taken internally or used on the skin. Do not use on fixtures, fittings, furnishings, fabrics or clothing. Keep out of reach of children & pets.